Data Security FAQ

What do I need to do before making a referral on Kompasi?

Read the Privacy Notice Statement to the individual being referred and make sure they understand what this means. This will pop up on your screen as a reminder before you submit the referral.

What happens to the data after I’ve submitted a referral?

The data is shared with the recipient organisation so that they can make a decision whether to accept or reject the referral. The organisation receiving the referral has already signed a data sharing agreement to ensure they keep the individual’s data safe if they accept the referral into their system.

The data will stay on Kompasi for a maximum of 3 months to give the recipient organisation time to review the referral and work with it. After this time, the data will be deleted from Kompasi.

Can the data be shared with another organisation by the recipient organisation?

If the recipient organisation believes another organisation would be more suited to take on the referral or has better capacity for the referral, they can re-refer the referral to that partner organisation. Only partner organisations that have signed a data sharing agreement can be re-referred to.

Again, this organisation can see the data for the purposes of accepting or rejecting it. And then it will remain on Kompasi for 3 months from the point of receiving the referral to allow time to work on the referral. After this, the data will be deleted.

Who takes responsibility for any data breaches?

Refugee Action along with Greater Manchester Immigration Advice Unit and The Developer Society have responsibility for ensuring the data is protected and relevant data procedures are in place.

Where will the data be stored?

The data will be stored on Kompasi and The Developer Society will ensure it is kept safe and secure.

Can the data be deleted from Kompasi?

Yes. Should your organisation or the individual want this data to be deleted, you can email the team at and they will remove this data.

How will individuals know what their rights are when it comes to data?

We are currently developing a Data Rights sheet for individuals and we will share this with referral making organisations. We will ensure translated copies are also available. This sheet can be shared with individuals by organisations.

Have people with lived experiences been involved?

Kompasi has been developed with the input of Experts by Experience. They also participated in two workshops focussed on data ethics to ensure this was taken into consideration which has shaped how the data is managed, stored and protected.

Can we create data reports using Kompasi?

Yes, we plan to develop functionality for individual organisations to gather appropriate information on the volume of signposts and referrals and key trends. We will keep you updated on this.